Bike shed at Curo-group office block in Bath

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An example that the EMSL Sliding Door Operators can be used for many different applications is this installation at a bike shed at the Curo-Group office block in Bath, England.
Entrematic´s UK Partner Power-a-door was asked by Curo-group to automate their bike shed to enable ease of access and egress for less-abled and able bodied bike users.

This installation shows that door operators such as the EMSL not only have to automate regular entrance doors.

The bike shed before...

The installation features a custom-made steel frame with a fixing transom and a special designed weatherproof canopy that was attached to the original bike shed structure.

and after the transformation

The new frame was fixed into position and the gate adapted with the door adapter and floor track. A polycarbonate sheet was cut to size to fit around the gate frame to eradicate any finger trapping of the gate when moving.