Say hello to the SYMETRIC PSW250

PSW250, SYM operator and Double Acting kit

In August 2018 we finally introduced SYM cam wheel operators to our swingdoor portfolio. This is a both ways, Push and Pull, operator for all markets but the main use will likely be in Sweden, Germany and United Kingdom.

Finally we can offer a reversable PSW250 for UK, SE and DE market! 

PSW250 SYM is sold in operator kits with accessories but not with an arm systems in the box.This is to give the customer full freedom to combine the operator with whatever arms needed in their installation. However the SI and SA-boards are still included in the standard package.

Hold force will be slightly reduced, Push is EN 4-6 and Pull EN 4-5.
Double Acting kit is an arm system that is very suitable for SYM operators but also possible to be used on Push and Pull operators but not with Push or Pull only  (SE, DE and UK).
Double Acting kit will give the operator a way to open with motor in one direction and let a person open manually in the opposite direction and in a controlled way let the door close again.
Also with no power the door will close due to spring force, from both directions.