Jumbo Food Market in Veghel, The Netherlands

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Supermarket retailer Jumbo has opened “the Entrematic sliding doors” of the new Food Market on Noordkade in Veghel, The Netherlands.

The Noordkade on the CHV site in Veghel is a historic industrial location with a rich history. The terrain is characterized by its monumental industrial buildings from the early 20th century and houses now the newest entrance system technology with the EMSL sliding door operators.

Through the establishment of the CHV in Veghel, this place grew to become center of the food industry in Veghel and Brabant. The goal of the province and its partners is to achieve a sustainable future-proof function where food & arts and culture are combined. AE&S, partner of EM Entrematic in the Netherlands, fitted as a subcontractor 9 EMSL sliding doors throughout the facility.

High Reliability

One important issue for choosing the EMSL in this project was its long tested reliability. The doors are in constant operation throughout the day so the customer demanded an operator with proven good results in such high frequented areas.

Many Connection Possibilities

Another special feature of this installation is that if the key switch is turned to the closed position the lighting in the building is shut down as well. This prevents unnecessary energy to be consumed when the building is closed.