Dear EM Entrematic Partner,

We are proud to announce the introduction of a new relevant product in the EM Entrematic range, EMSL R-FIT.

It is developed and designed to support your after sales and service business. EMSL R-FIT is a complete package for upgrade and retrofit of existing sliding door operators.

Instead of having a wide range of spare parts for different operator brands in your stock or service car, EMSL R-Fit could do the job for you.

EMSL R-FIT is delivered in one package with all necessary components for a successful installation. It is mounted on a profile that fits inside the cover and backtrack of the most common sliding door operator brands on the market.

EMSL R-FIT is also available in a two motor version suitable for escape route applications. Both versions are using the same type of motor and control unit, and you can connect any type of sensor including monitored safety sensors (DIN18650).