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Dear EM Entrematic Partner,

We are pleased to inform you about our competitive range of activation units for swing- and sliding doors. All products are available on our e-commerce platform in the Partner Area at www.ementrematic.com.

Designed for quick and easy installation in demanding environments, they all have specific features making them the most reliable, cost effective and convenient choice for a wide range of applications.

EMSA11 (EMSR120-3, article number 1701708). Our mono-directional (direction sensing) radar. With IP54 protection, a -20° to 55°C operating temperature range and up 3m installation height, EMSA11 is suitable for outdoor as well as indoor installations.

EMSA12 (EMSR220-2, article number 1701378). Our bi-directional (motion sensing) radar. Based on the same technology platform and design as EMSA12, it offers an additional cost advantage when only motion sensing is required.

EMSA13 (EMSR220-3, article number 1701367). Our proximity sensor (touch less). Easy to install both surface and flush mounted in an appealing design makes EMSA13 suitable for applications where hygiene and convenience is crucial.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your local EM Entrematic Area Sales Manager or send us en e-mail on sales.em@entrematic.com.