Tourist Information Center Eindhoven

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The Tourist Information Center in Eindhoven, the Netherlands uses an EM Entrematic EMSL Sliding Door Operator at its main entrance to the Brandstore.  
The store located in the city center is the gateway to the city in Eindhoven style with the Tourist Information Office, possibilities to buy souvenirs and merchandise and a Café.

The installation, which was done by EM´s Dutch partner AE&S, features a bi-parting EMSL sliding door operator made to fit the entrance environment with special coated profiles and cover. 
One important issue for choosing the operator in this case was its reliability due to the high frequency of openings and closings the operator has to perform throughout the year.

Easy Installation and Durability

The EMSL operator is easy to install and easy to maintain, making it an optimal choice for applications in commercial and public environments like the one in Eindhoven.

Multiple Connection Possibilities

On the inside, the EMSL operator is connected to a heater above the door which gets a start impulse from the operator if the door opens.